We have design a completly range of hi-quality digital kit: hi quality sound from hi-tech lab's company.

We  supply  free technical support  by phone, fax and e-mail.

our kit include this:

Kit DAC  converter  bitstream  model:  DAC-3

Kit DAC 24 bit 96 Khz model:  24961

Tube DAC kit  24 bit  model: 224

Tube DAC kit 16 bit  model:116

TUBE output analog filter for DAC or CD Player

Universal PCB mountig sockets B-9 model: Tube PCB 6

Interstage audio transformer for balanced/unbalanced application

Active/Passive audio hi-grade components

Price list  in Euro 

New products coming soon!


J u m p  t o   D o w n l o a d   p a g e   f o r   d a t a-s h e e t   a n d   d o c ' s !


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